ABOUT: an American in Ireland and all things Irish

No man is an Island, but every man, women and child IS this Island called The Emerald Isle. Ireland is a place like no other; old world meets 21st century. In some cases time has never moved forward, a living museum in a modern day world, and yet with Dublin, a bustling city so vibrant, you would never know a countryside existed. So much to explore and discover. As an American in Ireland for the first…2nd…third.. fourth…awww who’s counting…the familiar becomes home and the unfamiliar becomes an adventure of new discovery.  If you do it right, you can skip being a tourist and jump right to the experience of living life as a local. Don’t get me wrong, the tourist attractions are something to be experienced as well, but in the way of the locals.  To truly feel the vibe of Ireland, you have to get to know the people. From there…the adventure begins…

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